Supporting Partners

As many of you will be aware WADAA has received support from many areas this year in order to make the drastic improvements that it has.

British Disabled Angling Association

The development of Castlehead has been generously supported by the British Disabled Angling Association who have given WADAA a generous donation towards the project. This investment will allow several easy-access platforms to be developed to allow disabled anglers  access some of the best swims on the lake with ease. These pegs will also be ideal for introductory days to encourage more participation in angling, as well as coaching events; all of which are in the pipeline for 2019. 

If you are interested to find out more about BDAA then check out their website They also have lots of great information on other disabled venues and ways to help people to get more into angling.  

JT Atkinson

J T Atkinson at Ulverston has graciously supplied WADAA with a substantial amount of tantalised wood. WADAA then used this to build all of the pegs at Castlehead and the new pegs at Cleabarrow. This work could not have been done without their support.

Cumbria Community Foundation

This foundation has kindly donated money to WADAA from 2 sources. The Cumberland Building Society and English Lakes Hotels.

The English Lakes Hotels scheme gave WADAA some money to help protect and promote the landscape and heritage in the local area.  Using this money we constructed the special disabled access path to the spec of the BDAA,  from the main gate to service the 3 disabled platforms. Additionally, we dug out and created the full perimeter path all the way around the lake and incorporated this in with the platforms.

For a full breakdown of the project and funding please click the link below.

English Lakes Plus1 Autumn 2019

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has given WADAA ongoing support. This has been through environmental advice and management strategies for our fisheries. They have also donated significant funds to allow us to improve the habitat at Ratherheath tarn, this will go along way to making this the best general coarse water in the North West.

As well as this they have provided us with several hundred fish for the Castlehead project.


Cemex provided the stone for the disabled path at Castlehead at a highly discounted rate. As well as this, they helped arrange for volunteer helpers to come and install the path. For a full look at the work that was done at Castlehead take a look at the video below.

Angling Trust

The Angling Trust provided the club with nearly £5000 to contribute towards the otter fence at Ratherheath Tarn.

Embryo Angling Habitats

Embryo Angling provided the materials for the otter fence that is being erected at Ratherheath Tarn.

Harvey Heginbottom

Harvey is the owner of Castlehead and has been instrumental in completing the project. He has helped fund parts of the project including the new car park and weed boat, but has also given up his own time and energy to help complete the extensive manual work that was carried out at the fishery.


Above is a great picture showing the benefits to the community that our work at Castlehead has had. Please enjoy the video (left) showing the work being done by CEMEX.