High Fairbanks

High Fairbanks

High Fairbanks

WADAA members who have enjoyed this members-only fishery will be glad to hear that, thanks to the generosity of the owner,  members will still be able to fish the tarn during the 2019 season.

However, at the request of the owner, the tarn will not be stocked, leaving only the residual fish from 2018 to pursue. The owner has also reserved the right to ask us to cease fishing at any time if the sale of the estate seems likely (the previous potential sale having fallen through).

Predation, poaching and winter kill will no doubt have had an impact on the trout left in the tarn, but there will be some, if not many, beautiful overwintered fish for those who are up for the challenge.

High Fairbanks Tarn is one of WADAA’s more recent fisheries and one of the best. This is a large productive fishery of eleven acres in an elevated setting above Ings and holds very good stocks of brown and rainbow trout. The Association stocks annually and the water is managed as a catch and release fishery only. Fish grow on and the best rainbow to date has been a cracking fish of 9lbs. All methods work well but, as the stock become increasingly educated, imitative methods are likely to prove most effective. Fish rise very freely on this water and fishing dries to the ripple edge is one of the most successful tactics.

Terrestrials are always on the menu and spectacular sport can be enjoyed to Black Gnat, Hawthorns and Daddies and especially during the Brackenclock

Please note that our landlord and his family regularly walk, swim and picnic around the tarn. Please respect their privacy but don’t hesitate to politely challenge anyone you think may be using the water without authority.

High Fairbanks is open from 15th March to 30th September. Fly only, strictly catch and release only with barbless hooks mandatory.

Parking is for a maximum of FOUR cars adjacent to the cattle grid. There will sometimes be cattle in the field and WADAA accepts no responsibility for any damage that may occur to vehicles. Anglers should be aware that cattle may be present in the field; special care should be taken around these animals especially near young calves and their mothers or bulls.


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Access to the Fishery. Take the Kendal to Bowness road from Plumgarths roundabout and turn right just after the Sun Inn at Crook. Follow this lane for a mile and half to the cattle grid at Borwick Fold. Parking is limited to FOUR vehicles adjacent to the grid.

To find the fishery which is not visible from the road, walk 250 metres back down the road towards Ings and then follow the farm track to the right. Do not use any other route to the fishery!

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