High Newton

Game and Coarse Fisheries Rules

Game and Coarse Fisheries Rules

Game Fisheries

  • Fishing on Bigland Trout Fishery, High Newton, Ghyll Head, Farletonview and High Fairbanks shall be by fly only using barbless or de-barbed hooks. Only one rod may be in use at any time. This rod shall be held at all times while the fly is in or on the water. When fishing sunken line tactics, the fly must be continuously worked.
  • Barbless or de-barbed hooks only.
  • All brown and tiger trout must be returned.
  • Any fish caught weighing 5lbs or more must be returned to the water.
  • The use of any groundbait, maggots or bubble floats when game fishing is strictly prohibited.
  • The total bag limit for trout on all WADAA waters (except sport fisheries) is two fish per member per day, but no more than four fish per member in any calendar week (Monday – Sunday inc). Sharing of bag limits is not permitted. Under no circumstances should trout be cleaned or gutted on any WADAA fisheries. The rule applies to both Members and Day tickets holders.
  • Any member found to be offering, or to have offered, for sale any game fish from WADAA waters will be expelled from WADAA.
  • Anglers fishing Bigland Trout Fishery and Farletonview must post a catch return in the book provided, when leaving the fishery.
  • The use of float tubes is permitted on Bigland Trout Fishery subject to the published list of dates.

Coarse Fisheries

  • No coarse fish may be removed from, or introduced to, any WADAA water other than with the written consent of WADAA.
  • A maximum of two rods is permitted on Ratherheath Tarn, Castlehead and Cleabarrow Tarn. On WADAA’s other coarse fisheries not more than three rods may be in use. Rods shall not be left unattended with a baited hook either in or out of the water. For the purpose of this rule, tackle left more than ten metres from the owner is deemed to be “unattended”.
  • Keep nets are not permitted on Ratherheath Tarn, Castlehead and Cleabarrow Tarn except during authorised matches.
  • Carp must be returned immediately to the water and must not be retained in keep nets or carp sacks except where permitted in official matches.
  • Pike fishing. The use of live baits is strictly prohibited on all WADAA waters.
  • During the period 15th March to 15th June inclusive the use of maggots is not permitted on Rydal Water or Grasmere. On Grasmere and Rydal during the period 15th March to 15th June the only permitted baits are fly, worm, lures and dead baits.
  • Anglers fishing specifically for carp or pike must ensure that they have adequate tackle for handling larger fish including large nets (40 inches), mats and unhooking equipment.
  • No leadcore leaders
  • No braided mainline (except on marker and spod rods), monofilament only. Minimum of 12lb line when targeting carp, minimum of 6lb line when targeting smaller species.
  • Barbless or de-barbed hooks (Micro barbed hooks are accepted).