21 June 2020

Bigland (Otter Tarn) Temporary increase in numbers of fish that can be taken

Attention all anglers,
WADAA has taken the decision to increase the kill limit at BIGLAND (Otter Tarn) ONLY, to 4 fish per visit. This rule is in place for members and day tickets alike.
This rule is in place with immediate effect until the end of July 2020!
This decision has not been taken lightly but has been based on facts and observations of members and directors alike. Due to COVID-19, the period in which most fish are taken has now passed, leaving us with a much larger number of fish in our lakes than normal, for this time of year. Combine this with low water levels, shallow water and the extended period of hot dry weather, this has led to the stress levels of fish rising. The increase in stress, leads to a decrease in feeding and therefore less fish being caught; it can also lead to disease.
As water temperatures increase the amount of dissolved oxygen also decreases, so we are taking the decision to reduce the competition for this, by reducing the fish numbers.
If you have any questions regarding this then please do contact the club on lakedistrictfishing@gmail.com.
Thank you.