18 March 2019

Farletonview update

Members and Day ticket holders.

Last week saw an exceptional amount of rainfall, which obviously had an affect on all of our waters.

At Farletonview there was a small amount of flooding on the WADAA access road, at which point, the owners very kindly allowed our Members to access the fishery through the yard to the Nursery and Tea rooms.

However, this arrangement was only for those couple of days. The WADAA access road is now passable with care and MUST be used, there is no access via the Nursery or Tea Rooms.

You may or may not be aware that the Nursery & Tea Rooms are only open Thursday to Sunday and are closed Monday to Wednesday. I wish to remind all Members and Day Ticket holders that under NO circumstances are they to contact the family to gain access to the fishery between Monday to Wednesday.

Unfortunately, some members took it upon themselves to contact the family to gain access via the yard rather than using the access road , even though the road was open and passable, this is unacceptable and in breach of WADAA’s agreement with the family.

During this very wet spell, I would suggest that if you are not willing to use the access road, the only alternative is to find an alternative venue.

We are looking at a solution to the small amount of water that gathered on the access road, this will be addressed shortly.

Any queries are to be directed to WADAA on 07488534113 or by emailinglakedistrictfishing@gmail.com

Thank you for your co-operation.