17 July 2022

Hot Weather Update

The weather forecast for the coming week seems to indicate some high temperatures, which have implications for both anglers and stock.

Any members fishing need to take extreme care to keep shaded, cool and well hydrated. The sun is very powerful and can burn skin very quickly.

The club has done all it can to protect its venues, with aeration and water quality monitoring systems in place where they are possible. This has been a big investment from the club over the last few years and whilst these are not foolproof, they are a big help.

In addition to aeration, over the last few years the club has worked very hard on improving the resilience of venues. These activities have included using barley straw and blue dye to control algae growth, programmes of planting to reduce water nutrient levels and close monitoring of stocks and stocking levels.

Last week, the club was invited to present the work that has been done on an Angling Trust fisheries management forum. Ideas that the club have developed were shared with over 100 clubs around the country.

The attached pack gives a good summary of the work presented: Water Quality Management Presentation

Members are our eyes and ears. Please report anything untoward and use the catch return system – this is critical in our monitoring of venues.

Sport is likely to be much reduced in this weather, particularly trout fishing. Water conditions can be viewed for a number of venues via members ‘MyWADAA’ account. Additionally, on those waters with aeration running continually, this is likely the group fish, potentially making them harder to catch/reach. This is a compromise we have to make to keep them alive. If we keep the fish healthy in summer, it gives us a much better entry into the cooler autumn months.

If you are out and catching fish, bear in mind that they will take much longer to recover. Please rest returned fish in the margins first and handle them as little as possible.

Published by WADAA