30 June 2020

Increased trout take-home limit to 4 fish, for a limited period

Attention all anglers,

Due to the recent hot weather which is forecast to continue, the board has decided to increase the take-home limit on all of our put and take trout waters (High Newton, Bigland (Otter Tarn), Ghyll Head and Farletonview) to 4 fish per visit, with no weekly limit in place until the end of July. Please note High Newton remains a members only water.

This will commence from daybreak on the 1st of July until the 31st of July.

Please note that all other rules are still in place! This means barbless hooks must be used at all times, ONLY Rainbow Trout can be taken and all fish over 5 pound must be returned. 

We would encourage you to take some fish as this helps the turnover of fish in our lakes, making the fishing better. If you are fishing catch and release, please do not take fish out of the water, play them hard to get them in and unhook as quickly as possible, this will increase their chance of survival dramatically.

Catch and release – the quick guide

  • Use barbless hooks
  • Bring the fish to the net as quickly as possible
  • Keep the fish in the water
  • Handle as little as possible, and always with wet hands
  • Do not squeeze – it damages internal organs
  • Remove the hook using forceps if necessary
  • Avoid contact with the bank or gravel as this removes protective slime
  • Swim the fish so that the water flows over its gills until recovered, do this for as long as necessary
  • Support it gently until it swims away

Please do watch this video on how to practice catch and release:

The more we do these small things, the better the fishing will be for everybody.

Tight lines