11 November 2020


Members only Parking Rydal – Trial

The club has been working to create parking opportunities for members, particularly for Rydal Water and Grasmere. This is not easy, as options are scarce.

We have managed to secure some availability at Rydal Hall. Though not a perfect solution, it does give members some further opportunities. We don’t have dedicated spaces and have to fit around other hotel users, but in an attempt to make it as easy for members as possible, we have created a ticket purchase solution on the website. The charge for this (£5.50) covers our costs only.

We intend to run this for a test period this winter and see how things go. It gives us some extra capacity and at a cost far less than the other local car parks. Please ensure that you park considerately, we are reliant on members good behaviour to maintain this type of facility.

Please use this link to see full information including maps and how to buy a ticket. Rydal Parking