13 November 2021

Members Update – Winter Stocking

Winter stocking is now well and truly underway on both game and coarse waters.

Game waters are following the stocking strategy that we communicated to members earlier in the year – in summary, larger fish stocked in those waters that we have some predation protection on. These fish are now showing up well in catches.

Coarse stockings are continuing a programme which started 3 years ago.

Castlehead has received a stocking of medium (5lb plus) carp now we have some confidence in the otter protection measures in place. Additionally, we’ll introduce a batch of small bream and roach shortly and carefully monitor the impact it has on cormorant numbers. In the photos, these are the fish in the green bucket.

Cleabarrow has not received any new fish for a number of years so we have stocked 20-off C4 fish (4 years old). These were all mirror carp between 9 and 13lb.

Ratherheath has been stocked with 26 carp between about 10lb and a fantastic 24lb, with a significant number around 16lb. They were a mixture of C4 and C5 fish, with the largest a C6.

All the carp stocked in Ratherheath and Cleabarrow were sourced from VS Fisheries in Sussex and they really are the best fish available. The attached datasheet shows the breeding history of these fish.

Stocking Photos Nov 21

Though this year’s stocking is carp-centric, it comes on the back us putting in 5000 silverfish last year.

Pictures of all of the fish, plus photographs and sizes can be found on the following links.

This again represents another significant investment from the club to deliver the very best fishing possible.

I should also take the opportunity to add, our current waiting list is massive and members must be ready to renew next year by the deadlines or their place will be reallocated.

Nick Butterfield
WADAA Manager