Quarterly update October 2020 & Castlehead Picture Record

24 October 2020

Quarterly Update October 2020 & Castlehead Picture Record

Chairman’s Message

I am pleased to be able to announce that the new management structure I described in my previous message has now been put in place. Nick Butterfield took up the post of WADAA Manager on 1 October and has wasted no time in drawing up plans to lead improvements, both physical and operational, for 2021 and beyond. Despite the limitations of operating under restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in relation to meeting in groups, we have put in place the new two-committee structure covering Game Angling and Coarse Angling. The AGM, planned for December this year, will be postponed until the first quarter of 2021(at the earliest) so we will be communicating more regularly via email to keep members informed.

This is the first report to be sent out to members via email, to explain new initiatives and to provide background thinking behind some of the decisions that we will make and the policies we are implementing. The reports with be produced by Nick every three months and I would be grateful, if you know of members who are unable to receive emails, if you could print a copy and pass it on.

Please read on, as much more information will follow. I hope this is the start of a successful period for WADAA and I urge you to support the new ‘team’, not just with suggestions (sometimes complaints) but with offers to become more involved at Committee and Board level – even joining a list of members willing to offer ad-hoc help on improvement work will be appreciated.

WADAA Manager – Nick Butterfield

It’s great to be writing as the newly appointed club manager – I’ll waste no more time in bringing you up-to-speed on some important issues. There is such a lot going on in the club that I’ll apologise in advance for the length of this update!! To keep some structure, I will split the information into 3 sections, ‘General’, ‘Game’ and ‘Coarse’.

Please open the following link to read the full quarterly update: WADAA Quarterly Update October 2020

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