Fishing update May 2020

30 May 2020

Quartly fishing update

WADAA ‘s update on this unprecedented year so far. Our aim is to keep you, the members as informed on what is going on at the club, as possible.

Please note that if needed for the health and well-being of our fish stock, the Board could close any of our waters without prior notice, please always check the website before setting off fishing.

Remember that the first point of call for updates on the club is the website, specifically the news and events section (

Members can join the WADAA Facebook group  for up to date fishing information.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of our club rules that seem to be being ignored in recent times, by some members.

Game rules:

  1. When fishing (your flies are in the water) your rod must be in your hands!
  2. Barbless or de-barbed hooks must be used at all times.
  3. Only rainbow and blue trout can be taken. All other species of fish and ALL fish over 5lb should be returned to the water as quickly as possible.
  4. No entry to Farletonview or Bigland Tarn before 8am.
  5. Report all incidents whether it be poaching or incidents with other members these should be reported to the club on 07488 534113 or

Coarse fishing:

  1. All gates must be closed immediately!
  2. No braided mainline (except on marker and spod rods).
  3. No leadcore or braided leaders.

Coarse fishing update
The hard work that has been out into our coarse fisheries is now paying off. There has been some excellent fishing and some very exciting new developments.

To see the full details of this then please click here

Castlehead update and project plan
Castlehead has undergone a huge overhaul in the past year. however, there is still plenty to do!

For full details on the project so far and the next steps for this fishery, please click this link.

Trout fishing update
The trout fishing since lockdown has been nothing short of spectacular. With High Fairbanks back on the books, there has never been more opportunity to experience a wide variety of fishing at WADAA.

On top of this our exchange permits are now available again. If you would like to fish on the River Eden or on Stocks reservoir you must book in advance with the Administration Officer.

With the lack of fishing pressure during the lockdown, the fish were very willing to take a fly and the large number and quality of fish being caught is the proof of our new stocking policy paying off. Fish have been caught on all methods, but it has shown the importance of being flexible while on the water. With those willing to change rapidly according to the conditions getting the most out of the fishing.

As the weather is now warming significantly the fishing will become more difficult and early morning or evenings will give the best sport. Please be aware that high water temperatures can be very stressful for the fish. So please play them as quickly as possible and where possible the fish should not be removed from the water to be unhooked. The better you treat the fish, the better the fishing will be.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful fishing, WADAA Board.