21 October 2019

Ratherheath Project Update

After many, many months of painstaking and exhaustive work, WADAA is pleased to announce a full and detailed plan for the redevelopment of Ratherheath Tarn. This very complicated piece of work has only been possible as a result of huge cooperation between an number of parties. Details can be seen in the attached document.

This is fantastic news, not only for WADAA, but for all local and visiting anglers to the area. This programme of work will not only provide high quality and varied fishing, it will also be the best disabled access facility for mobility constrained anglers in the north of England – we are very proud of this fact.

Though some preparation work has been ongoing now for a number of months, activity will significantly ramp-up over the next quarter.

This is a massive project with a huge financial investment which will underpin the sustainability of the club into the future. To help us, it is important that all anglers get on-board and lend a hand. Working parties will continue to be arranged throughout this period – let’s all build something we are proud of.

For the full breakdown of the project please click the link below.

Ratherheath Tarn – Public Announcement