6 February 2021

WADAA announces major investment in game angling

WADAA announces major investment in game angling – including a link to a full report – at the end of this page.

As we move forward to address the challenges we are facing, the WADAA Board of Directors want to share with you some of the improvements we are planning, particularly to our trout waters, in 2021.

In a previous update, we referred to the imminent acquisition of some new trout fisheries. I can now announce that the club has agreed a merger with Carnforth and District Angling Association (CDAA), the legal process has been largely completed. The club will take ownership of a new stillwater at Capernwray and gain access to a number of stretches of the adjacent River Keer. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank all at CDAA for ‘gifting’ the venues to WADAA as part of a merger deal that will benefit both clubs and increase angling opportunities in the area. Of particular importance here is the ‘stretching’ of the current offering further south, especially important during these times of restricted travel.

As part of the ongoing development plan and building on the surge of interest in angling post Covid-19, we have also been working hard to improve our rental arrangements and are going through a series of negotiations to increase lease lengths on a number of venues. Of course, leases gives security both ways and it is important that the club have a strong and stable base to give it the confidence to enter into these long-term agreements.

These investments run into commitments of tens of thousands of pounds and whilst we may be able to raise some funding externally (though opportunities here have been severely restricted by the pandemic), our main source of income is membership renewals. Conscious of the need to minimize the financial impact to members and give something positive to those anglers currently not able to fish, we hope that this announcement will give everybody something to look forward to. We do however have to balance the books and run the club (from a financial point of view at least), as a business. It is highly likely that both coarse and full memberships this year will be over-subscribed and though our priority is obviously to renewing members, we will be taking on new members until the cap is reached.

I would implore any members planning on renewing to have done-so before the 14th February – we have made a temporary extension to the cut-off date this year given the disruption caused by the pandemic. If paying for membership is a barrier, please contact us directly as we may be able to help.

We had hoped to make some of the physical improvements during the winter months, but a combination of Covid restrictions, bad weather and a delay in finalising legal issues, has meant that this work will be carried out at the same time that fishing activity picks up – restrictions permitting! We’ll do everything we can to minimize disturbance and inform members in advance where possible – but expect some muddy boots!

When angling returns to something resembling normality, the investments we are making will benefit all our members, including those who struggle with mobility issues. We hope to expand opportunities for angling and environmental awareness in the younger population soon, and we will keep members informed if will manage to make progress in this area.

David Blacow (WADAA Chairman)

The following update from Nick Butterfield (WADAA Manager) will provide more information about the new initiatives and our plans for the future.

Click the following link for the full report WADAA announces major investment in game angling