Hall More Coarse Day Ticket


Hall More Coarse lake is a managed mixed coarse fishery; species include: Carp 16lbs+, F1 Carp, Bream 6lbs. Roach, perch, eels and gudgeon.

Hall More Fishery opened on Saturday 16th April 2022.

Please note: there are restrictions on the number of Day Tickets available each day. So when selecting the date that you wish to fish, if the calendar will not allow the selection of a particular date, then all-day tickets for that date have been sold. The number of Day Tickets available for each day will be reviewed, in due course.

We would remind Day Ticket holders, that dogs are NOT allowed at any of our venues

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    Adult (18 and over), Intermediate (16-17 or Blue badge holder), Junior (under 16)