All anglers should be aware that Ratherheath as undergone major work and investment in 2019. The lake is now fully otter protected and has seen significant improvements to its access. There are now 6 disabled access pegs, with a level access path from the private car park. There have also been upgrades to the existing pegs, along with extensive weed management projects. You would be nieve to not give this fishery a visit now (please see some images in the gallery)!

Ratherheath Tarn has been WADAA’s most popular coarse water and holds good stocks of carp, roach, bream, tench and perch. The roach and bream fishing can be superb with plenty of skimmers and larger bream in the 5lb – 7lb range. The roach average around 8oz although better fish are present. Tench are generally on the smaller side, but fish around the 4lbs mark are beginning to turn up in increasing numbers.

Many anglers fish exclusively for Ratherheath’s head of carp. These fish currently top out around the twenty pound mark but there are large numbers in the low to mid teens. During the warmer months Ratherheath carp are invariably on the surface and stalking with floating baits is a favourite and often very successful tactic.

The tarn enjoys a private and secluded woodland setting just a couple of miles from Kendal, and offers 30 well-spaced pegs. The fishing is at its best from March through to October – hard going through the colder months. There is good access for wheelchair anglers.

Night fishing is available at the Tarn for MEMBERS ONLY. This can now take place on any peg \round the tarn presuming fishing equipment does not block the path.

Due to popular demand day tickets are now available on Ratherheath, the can be purchased on the day tickets page or via any of our ticket outlets (please see the day tickets page)

For more historic information on the fishery please give this article written by Barry McLeod a read: Ratherheath reflection Barry Mcload


Fishery Rules

Permit holders agree to read and comply with the fishery rules as printed below and/or displayed on the fishery notice boards and to comply with the Environment Agency Fishery Bylaws. Failure to do so renders the permit invalid. You must carry this permit with you while fishing.

For full rules please follow this link: Ratherheath rules


Ratherheath update

As many of you will be aware lots of work has been done at Ratherheath this year. The largest task was to clear the weed. The video below shows the investment the club has made to the lake and explains what has been done so far.



Night fishing at Ratherheath is currently restricted to WADAA members only. For details of membership please refer to the membership page.

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From the roundabout at the northern end of the A591 (Kendal bypass) continue north towards Windermere. After just under half a mile you reach the next section of dual carriageway. From here take the first turn left into Ratherheath Lane and follow this down to the fishery. Day tickets are available for this water.

Postcode: LA8 9JR

Co ordinates: 54.3552484, -2.793104

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Day tickets

Day tickets are now available for Ratherheath Tarn. Please use the link below to the Day Tickets page for full details. Please note that the gate code will be sent on your day ticket.

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