29 January 2024

Major Improvements to Farletonview Fishery Including Opening Times

As you may be aware over the last couple of months, the club has undertaken a programme of  extensive renovation works at Farletonview and are pleased to confirm that the fishery will re-open on Thursday 1st February at 8 am.

We are also very pleased to announce other significant changes to the opening times for Farletonview:

  • The new hours are from 8 am until sunset daily – all year round. Please remember the opening at 8 am means there is no access from the road onto the access lane until 8 am. If you arrive early, please stay on the road side until 8 am.
  • Open all year round with the exception of 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year when the fishery will be closed (from 23rd December until 5th January)

The renovation works include:

  • All new platforms, with the majority including a small seat
  • An otter fence around the whole perimeter of the two lakes
  • Additional drainage around the wettest parts of the lake
  • A path has been laid around the whole of the larger lake, to ease access for all
  • A borehole and pump have been installed to assist with inflow of cooler water for the warmer months
  • There are two new large gates in the new fence which are locked – these are for stocking and maintenance only
  • The new small walk through gate will not be locked , but this MUST be kept closed other than whilst walking through,  as the water is now a protected fishery.
  • A new larger car park, including disabled parking
  • New access gate next to the new car park, for all anglers to enter the fishery

Some aspects of work will continue to be carried out for a couple of weeks, though this won’t impact on anglers. Please bear in mind that the ground is still very wet and boggy. There has also been a large number of diggers and heavy equipment on site. Please do not attempt to drive on any area other than the lanes and car parking area.
The main access gate off the road will be locked as per the existing arrangements and you will need to unlock and lock the gate as you enter and leave the lane, down to the fishery.
Please close all access gates as the venue is now a protected fishery.
Parking is in the new car park only. Parking is no longer permitted on the access track down to the old platform where stocking takes place.

We would also remind Anglers that access to the fishery is through the access lane only. You must NOT use the farm/tearoom/caravan entrance.

The club has worked tirelessly on the fishery to ensure that the fishing is as good as it can be, for our members and day ticket anglers.

Day Tickets will be available online from Thursday 1st February – We hope you enjoy the fishing.