23 July 2020

Castlehead Update

Castlehead Update

The preliminary work continues to proceed in preparation for the major development activity we are planning to carry out to improve the conditions at Castlehead. These include getting the required permissions in place and securing the funding to allow us to proceed. This activity will build on the extensive work that the club carried out last year to improve access around the water, particularly for the disabled and less able-bodied.

Ideally, we’d have started earlier in the year, however, a number of factors prevented this. There are a pair of breeding swans on the lake and it is unlawful to disturb these nesting birds. Also, the work will include the temporary relocation of the existing fish stocks. Given the environmental conditions we have encountered during the year to date, moving fish would cause them great stress and be very risky. Of course, the restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown have not helped either.

The work will have a number of aims:

  • Improving access to the south bank
  • Improving predation protection (otters and cormorants)
  • Improving water quality and reduce weed growth through the removal of accumulated silts

All the details can be seen in the accompanying document. We anticipating the work commencing in August with the aim of being completed, refilled and restocked in late Autumn.

We’ll keep all members updated on progress throughout.

Full Castlehead Update: Castlehead 2020 Improvement Plan