19 November 2020

Electronic Catch Returns are Introduced on all our Waters

Electronic Catch Returns Introduced for ALL Anglers on ALL our Waters

WADAA invests heavily in stock for both it’s game and coarse waters, to offer the best quality angling for members and day

tickets. Knowing the stock in the waters is not only important for catch returns, but also fish health.

This is particularly important for game venues, as stockings are balanced with estimations of losses, through angler’s take,

predation and natural death. Additionally, trout are particularly sensitive to water conditions and even relatively small levels of

overstocking can lead to major issues when we get climate extremes like we suffered in the spring and early summer this year.

In the past, monitoring anglers take has been through paper logs at the venues. These have proven to be inaccurate for a number

of reasons; not always complete, ravaged by the weather etc etc. Additionally, we had to suspend the use of these as part of the

Covid-19 restrictions. Furthermore, it costs the club money to have to manually collate these records.

As we develop stocking plans for 2021, it was important to reinstate a robust solution and one which was convenient to all our

anglers. Working with our website hosting company, we are now in a position to launch the new solution.  At each venue, a board

will be displayed, reminding anglers to complete a catch return.

Whilst we really want to encourage anglers to use the electronic system, in the short-term, the paper-based system which we

have in operation at Farletonview and Bigland will remain in place, as well as the angler booking in and out.

To read the full information and for easy access to complete your catch return please use the following link: Catch Return Instruction