3 September 2019

Farletonview to Re-open

Following extensive weed clearance, involving contractors and volunteer members, Farletonview Fishery will re-open this coming Saturday – 7 September.

We have started to restock and this will continue through September and October. We are in discussion with the owners to see if it is possible to keep the fishery open into November. Please keep checking our website for further details.

We are aware that there is some algae present and will continue to monitor the water on a near daily basis.

We expect at least in the early stages fishing may be slow.  Anglers need to check on our website that Farletonview is open on the morning that they are intending to fish , we reserve the right to close it at short notice.

The padlock on the main WADAA access gate will be removed in time for re-opening at 8am on Saturday morning.  Please note that if the padlock is reinstated, DO NOT go to the owners house or cafe to attempt access.

The water level is high and paths around Farletonview are very soft and muddy, after long periods of heavy rain. Please take extra care at this time of year and try to minimise damage to the bank-side.

It is very important not to enter the site before 8am and leave before it gets dark – at sunset. The last car to leave must close the gate.

We hope that you enjoy the fishing.

Thank you

WADAA Board.