7 January 2021

Lockdown Policy Revision

Lockdown Policy Revision
7th January 2020

We have received notification from the Angling Trust that the situation regarding fishing during ‘Lockdown 3’ has been amended/clarified.

The full statement from the Angling Trust can be accessed here:

WADAA will therefore follow these updated guidelines and re-open venues for angling from 10 am Friday 8th January. We will need some time to change the codes on the gates of venues that are locked. However as these venues are currently frozen and are likely to remain so until next week, this won’t have an impact.

Importantly, the guidelines clearly state that ‘local’ angling is permitted.

WADAA Ltd will not be responsible for interpreting the published guidelines – this remains the responsibility of individual anglers. WADAA will not be responsible if anglers contravene the guidelines with subsequent consequences.

Members are reminded that they MUST be in receipt of a valid membership prior to fishing. Membership renewals can be completed via the website and other than in exceptional circumstances, the cut-off date of January 31st 2021 remains.

We will be patrolling venues to assure security and eliminate poaching etc as is normal.

We would urge members that do fish to adhere strictly to the rules and respect other anglers and members of the public on or around the venues.

Nick Butterfield
WADAA Manager