24 March 2020

Some good news!

Castlehead Fishery Disabled Off-Grid Toilet, Shelter and Store – With Orsted Funding

Castlehead has been developed as a specialized disabled and special needs angling centre by Windermere, Ambleside and District Angling Association (WADAA). Though open for both WADAA and general anglers alike (through a day ticketing scheme), the club has worked hard to develop key features of the venue to make it suitable for special needs groups such as mentally and physically disabled and underprivileged groups. Additionally, the club has been keen to encourage more junior and female anglers to use the facility. We have built specially adapted fishing platforms to accommodate wheels chairs, flat, level hardcore paths and dedicated disabled parking.

These special needs groups also have additional requirements when it comes to changing, toilet, shelter and cleaning needs and in order to fully accommodate these, we needed to build a suitable facility. With support from the Orsted grant scheme, we have built an off-grid room (we have no power or running water here!!), working closely with the British Disabled Angling Association on the spec.