26 January 2021

Catch Returns – Update

WADAA Catch Returns – Update

January 2021

The reason why most of us go fishing is to catch fish, the massively added bonus for WADAA members is they also get to do it in a fantastic environment. The Board of Directors at WADAA have been working hard to ensure that we get an appropriate spread of resources and expenditure between stock, venues, and facilities.

As part of its stock management (details of which were published to members over New Year), we have introduced a method that allows us to monitor stocks. Though applicable to both game and coarse fishing, it is of particular importance for trout fishing.

The club’s single biggest expenditure (by far!) is on game fish.

Getting the right number of fish in venues is critical to achieve:

  • Good sport
  • Healthy fish
  • Controllable predation
  • Good finances/lowest possible membership fees

FOR THE FULL REPORT UPDATE, please use the following link to access the FULL report  WADAA Catch Returns